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​​​​H. R.  Scientific Works

Cork Borer Machine with Borer: A cork borer, often used in a chemistry or biology laboratory, is a metal tool for cutting a hole in a cork or rubber stopper to insert glass tubing. Nickel-plated borers included.

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Compound Bar Pendulum (Iron) C.P.: Consists of a powder coated steel bar of dimension 100 x 3.75 x 0.5 cm with a no. of equidistant holes intervals of 5cm. complete with wall bracket and two removeable knife edges.

​Compound Bar Pendulum (Brass): Same as above size 100x25x0.5 cm

 Kater’s Pendulum (Brass /Iron)
consist of a rod of 120cm long 10cm. dia with two adjustable knife edges. Two metal weight Cast Iron, Two wooden weights

Jaggers Apparatus Sunmica Top: complete with mono meter tube fitted on a stand, Conical Flask or dropping funnel.

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 Linear Expansion Horizontal: Brass Pipe, ½ meter. Brass pipe 50cm. dia 2.5cm., fitted with spherometer two outlet nozzle for steam. Supplied complete with 3 nozzle test rod.

Constant Spring Al. Pipe 1" x 36"
Consist with spiral spring, one vertical meter scale, on a spring hanging with a weight, fitted on a heavy Cast Iron Base. (1" Al pipe)
K. Constant Spring Simple 1" x 24": Same as above

Bifilar Pendulum (Iron): Consists of a heavy cast iron rectangular plate of dimension 15x10x1.5cm. The plate is suspended by two strings of equal lengths from a rigid support 
(T shaped Clamp)

Bending of Beam apparatus : Consisting of two G. Clamps with knife top. Comprising a metal powdered coated bar of 100cm length having width 25mm and thickness 4.5mm. A spherometer fitted on a cast iron stand.