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​​​​H. R.  Scientific Works


Specially designed for use in Anatomy & Meat Cutting requirement for preparing big size specimens. The large working table and extension table operate on ball bearing rollers. 
Table is made of thick stainless steel sheet with heavy axles for rigidity and firm movement. 
Fitted with large moving table made from stainless steel 
Extension table operated on four ball-bearing rollers 
Special heavy axles for easy and firm movement 
Power consumption - 220 v 
Fitted with premium blade, starter, cord and plug
Motor Heavy Duty : 2 H. P. Single Phase, starter
Complete unit supplied with one blade, starter, cord and plug. 
To work on 220/230 volts AC supply.

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Specially Designed to study, the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals and chemicals in the process of tablet manufacturing, capsule filling & cosmetics. Installed with an automatic device for preset of strokes. Gear driven Noiseless and sturdy motor Elegantly designed for smooth operation electrically operated on 220 AC, 50 Hz.

Bottle cap Sealing Machine : Portable, hand operated equipment with two extra cap holders of different sizes. Totally casted machine hand operated.

It is used for determination of combustion of calorific value of solid and liquid fuels. The Instruments consists of S.S. Body made out of corrosion resisting stainless steel Rod cap. 300ml., Calorimeter vessel, outer jacket with insulated Body, offset stirrer, S.S. Crucible, pellet press, ignition wire, pressure gauge with flexible pipes with electronic firing unit.
Bomb calorimeter apparatus with digital thermometer 0.1°C Read Out
Same as above with Digital thermometer 0.03°C Read Out and Remote Control System
BOMB Calorimeter apparatus with 0.01°C Read Out and Remote Control System and Printer Unit
Same as above -- with Micro Processor. Unit with PC suitable to use with computer with printer for detection of maximum rise of temperature resolution 0.01°C LCD Display
Spare Bomb 300ml. cap.
Spare Stainless Steel Crucible
Spare Neoprene washer, Belt O Ring and Valves (Kit)

(Bottle filling machine) electric operated having filling cap. 50 to 300ml. complete M.S. Body.

Also Available Manually Operated Capacity 50 to 300 ml. -S.S. Body available on request.

These are also used for tea filling.




Size 95 x 50 x 50 cms. M.S. structure with slopping front, acrylic front and side doors (fully visible, transparent), 3' germicidal ultra-violet tube and 2' fluorescent tubes for white light, with necessary choke blast, starter and switches. Also mains lead; plug and two holes with rings and sleeves for insertion of arms are provided.