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​​​​H. R.  Scientific Works

Polished aluminum container placed in an outer wooden case with thermometer, plastic top fitted with two terminals for heating coil and a hole for thermometer

TYPE - 3


Steam heated, with 230 x 25 mm copper bar, with a steam chamber at one end, the other end having a copper coil for cold water with inlet and outlet tubes. With two thermometer pockets. In box with insulated lagging, removable cover, without thermometers.

For showing potential energy in a wound-up spring. May also be used to wind up a weight on a cord showing the change from potential energy to kinetic and back to potential in the raised weight. The steel shaft carries a clock spring with a free wheel device and winding ratchet.

searles Apparatus 

Cylindrical spun body made of copper with water level indicator

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Ring and Ball

A high quality apparatus to determine precisely co-efficient of expansion of various metals. An aluminium channel carries a 60 cm long metal rod enclosed in a heating jacket having three nipples for water intake, water outlet and thermometer insertion. Dial indicator is a precision instrument sensitive to 0.01mm/division and is securely mounted. Complete with four expansion rods of steel, brass, copper and aluminium

This simple unit can help the student understand the operating principle of pump and turbine. The unit consists of a rotor attached to a pulley via a shaft. It also includes 3 metal nozzles and a stopcock. When driven by a motor, the unit works as a pump, raising the water to higher potential energy. Whereas when the rotor is made to rotate by flowing water, the unit acts as a turbine.

Ring and Ball on Stand

Gravesande’s ring mounted on tripod stand, ball with chain. Cold ball passes through the ring but does not pass when heated

Cold ball passes through the ring but does not pass when heated




spring unit

Specially designed for metal block calorimeters. Heating element enclosed in a metal tube with two connecting leads which are insulated with heat resistant insulation. 12 V, 50 W.

Ring and Ball on Stand

TYPE - 2