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Slotted Weight with hanger:

These slotted weights are precisely turned from brass rods, carefully adjusted . These slotted weights are supplied  in brass tool finish &  M.S. chrome plated..

Diffragating Spoon: Made of S.S. thick wire & disc, Disc completed with  rubber cork.
Also available in Brass & Iron.

Viscosity app Stocks method with Borosil Glass Tube 
Vicosity app stocks method w/o Borosil Glass Tube

TRS 191 Slotted Weight with hook: These slotted weights are precisely turned from M.S. rods, carefully adjusted . These slotted weights are supplied in M.S. chrome plated.

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Rising table with capalary : Made of heavy cast iron base with adjustable leveling screw. Height adjustable platform. 18" chrome plated rod. with capalary tubes.

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Melde's Apparatus ( OSAW Pattern)
A Powerful fork which has a frequency of approximately 60 vibrational per second, made of Cast Iron Base.

Inertia Table Moment 
6" dia with a groove five semi circular masses which fit into groove and four differents shapes of masses, Rectengular, Square, Circular and triangular.

Simple Pendulum: Iron

Pendulam BOB Stand: Heavy sheet made base (6"x4") with 18" chrome plated rod. Pendulam BOB hang on adjustable arm. BOB made of brass.

​​​​H. R.  Scientific Works

Weight of Iron (Chrome Plated) & Brass 
a. 5gm x 5=25gm                           b. 5gm x 10=50gm                             c. 10gmx5=50gm
d. 10gm x 10=100gm                     e. 20gm x 5=1000gm                           f. 200gm x 10=2Kg.
g. 50gm x 5=250gm                       h. 50gm x 10=500gm                           i. 100gm x 5= 500gm
j. 100gm x 10=1kg.                        k. 500gm x 5=2.5kg.                            l. 1000gm x 5= 5kg.

Torsion App ½ Mtr. Horizontal
Torsion App 1 mtr. Horizontal
Cast iron feets. Two rods one used in it groove moving on ball bearing. Two brass scales graduated in single degree, mounted on pillar supported.